Making Magical Memories

Bridgeport, PA Magician

Great News! All your needs for Bridgeport family entertainment needs are a breeze -- All you need is a small bit of empty space! Based just down the road in, DZ Magic is Bridgeport's top choice for party entertainment.

One quick phone call to DZ Magic is all it takes -- all you have to provide is the place and the food to arrange an awesome magic show in Bridgeport.

Kids LOVE our Bridgeport magic show! You’ll be certified as the coolest parent in your neighborhood. Here's why:

The Kids are the Stars of the magic show! 

– The DZ Magic show features TONS of audience participation! The children and especially the birthday child are brought front and center into the spotlight!

Ultra High-Energy!

Incredibly Visual! – Your magician has worked for years to assemble an array of colorful, VISUAL magic! The presentation is direct and clear -- easy for young kids to understand, and still engaging to any teens and adults in the audience!

Lots of Laughs

Kids won't stop laughing for a second during the magic show. It’s chock full of family friendly, 100% clean comedy that's a hit with all ages!

Bridgeport, PA Magician

If you are planning a special event in the Bridgeport PA area, you'll find your ideal entertainment in Bridgeport magician Rick Dziekan and DZ Magic. Rick has been entertaining audiences in the Bridgeport area for many years. Each and every performance is customized to suit your needs by the magician, Rick Dziekan. This assures that your event will be fun and entertaining as well as easy for you. Below, we have listed several performance options available in Bridgeport and surrounding areas. If you are interested in something a little different, just ask! For Birthday party magic, you may wish to check out our page dedicated to Birthday Party Magic 

Strolling Magic Performances: 

Our strolling magic performances feature close-up magical illusions for your guests. Many of the strolling magic routines occur right in the hands of the spectator, who are directly and personally involved in the fun. Enhance your event, banquet, corporate outing, festival, or party and provide a personal, entertaining memory for your guests.   

Birthday Party Magic Show:

This is a fun-filled Bridgeport PA birthday party magic show filled with effects designed particularly for your child's celebration. The birthday child will be directly engaged as a star of the show and all of the other children will be laughing, applauding,  and having a great and memorable time. The DZ Magic birthday magic show in Bridgeport PA is filled with audience interaction, giggles, amusement and amazement. This show is ideal for children ages 4-13.  

Frequently Asked Questions For Hiring a Party Magician

Here are several questions that often come up when we are contacted about a performance for children, such as a kid’s birthday party or Camp, Daycare, or school show in the Philly area.  

Q: What happens while the magician sets up?

A: Setup is a fairly quick process, which takes less than half an hour. Ideally, children would be kept in a different area than the magician while they are setting up props and equipment.This keeps all the surprises and secrets hidden which maximizes their impact later, during the show.  Packing up afterwards normally takes less than 15 minutes.  

Q: What sort of area is needed for the show?

A: The magic show is generally designed to take up just a small space for a performing area itself, but there ought to be some open space for kids to sit and enjoy the show. If parents wish, some blankets or pillows go a long way towards making the audience feel more comfortable. Preferably, the show should be held indoors, to avoid any last minute problems with the weather.   

Q: Are there any give-aways at the magic show? 

A: As part of the package, a goodie-bag filled with magic tricks and an activity booklet is available. For the party planner, this takes one task off of their already full plate. The give-away is magic-oriented, which mean that the the party doesn't end with the performance - the children will have magic tricks & illusions they can learn and show to their family and friends.  

Q: Are photos & videos permitted?

A: Yes. Please feel free to record whatever you like to preserve your memories of your event.  

Please contact us at with your needs and to obtain additional, free information:

Rick Dziekan
DZ Magic