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Kids love the mindreading rabbit and many other magicial effects at the magic show

Philadelphia, PA Magician

Are you planning a party in Philadelphia and thinking about having a magician entertain your guests? Whether you have 10, 20, 50 or even more kids at the party -- you need someone who can entertain them all (including the adults). Have no fear! You've landed at the right place. BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE TONS OF FUN BUT YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED -- be sure you have just the right entertainment to keep everyone busy. Imagine all of those kids running around with nothing to do! 

Rick Dziekan, Philadelphia's favorite magician performs his magic shows at birthday parties and for families all over the Philadelphia area. If you want YOUR CHILD to have a truly experienced birthday party performer that kids (and their parents too) LOVE, look no further. 

FACT: When DZ Magic iis the magician for your party YOU CAN EXPECT A CELEBRATION- GUARANTEED!


Amazing Magic Tricks: The magic show is chock full of awesome mind blowing illusions -- designed to be visual and straightforward so that kids easily understand and adults are also entertained. Rick performs unique magic routines developed exclusively for his show that you will not find anywhere else. No boring tricks in this show! Imagine -- all the kids and parents at your event will be hanging on the edge of their seats, amazed! Rick offers the best family magic show you'll find in the Delaware Valley. It's not cheesy and boring like so many magic shows -- it's terrific fun!

Tons Of Audience Participation: Kids won't just sit and passively watch the show, they actually get to be in the show. Rick will choose several lucky children to come up and assist throughout the show, and they actually make magic happen. There's never a restless kid! The real secret for a successful magic party is audience participation and interaction!

The Birthday Child Is The Star Of The Show: The magic show is focused on the birthday child and how special they really are. Your son or daughter will be delighted when all the magic throughout the show uses "magic words" just for them! 

If you are planning a special event in the Philadelphia area, you'll find your ideal entertainment in Philadephia magician Rick Dziekan and DZ Magic. Rick has been entertaining audiences in the Philadelphia area for many years. Each and every performance is customized to suit your needs by the magician, Rick Dziekan. This assures that your event will be fun and entertaining as well as easy for you. Below, we have listed several performance options available in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. If you are interested in something a little different, just ask! For Birthday party magic, you may wish to check out our page dedicated to Birthday Party Magic 

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